4-VA at JMU

JMU is committed to educating students so they can lead productive and meaningful lives by engaging with ideas and the world around them. 4-VA at JMU helps fulfill this mission through a partnership with the Office of Outreach and Engagement that expands opportunities for Virginians to complete four-year degrees through online courses and modules. 4-VA at JMU also offered a pilot program called 9th period that provides professional development for K-12 educators while simultaneously teaching computer science at regional high schools. 4-VA at JMU puts particular emphasis on competitive research through collaborative mini and scale-up grant programs and provides undergraduates with direct access to principal investigators, thereby increasing retention rates in STEM disciplines. 4-VA at JMU helps fund the Center for Faculty Innovation’s annual course redesign workshop which helps faculty realign course objectives by shifting from content-focused teaching to a learner-centered philosophy.

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Nick Swayne

4-VA Executive Director
JMU Campus Coordinator

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Kelsey Tate

JMU Deputy Campus Coordinator

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