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William and Mary joined 4-VA in September of 2019. In recent years, William and Mary has increased its creation of online classes that provide flexibility to our degree-seeking undergraduates and professional students. As part of 4-VA we are eager for our students to benefit from courses offered elsewhere and to attract students and faculty at other institutions to benefit from the range of unique courses offered at William and Mary.

William and Mary has recently initiated a hands-on engineering program designed to capitalize on that dual mission. In the past two years William and Mary has developed programs of study in Data Science, Engineering Physics and Applied Design, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, all of which are growing rapidly. These engineering and design programs require intense interdisciplinary collaboration in classrooms, labs, and field studies, crossing departments and schools. William and Mary’s e-learning initiatives, along with soon-to-launch Studio for Teaching and Learning will assist students who are the most vulnerable.

William and Mary has participated in numerous statewide collaborative efforts, some with very long histories. Examples include our membership in the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, which has provided more than $1.5M in scholarships, fellowships, and research support for students and faculty over the years. William and Mary has also been part of the Virginia Microelectronics Consortium that has provided core support for numerous programs in condensed matter, device physics, and for materials science faculty and students, leading to a large number of externally funded research grants and contracts. The university’s partnership with the Jefferson Lab and its other affiliated schools has been and continues to be robust.William and Mary’s student degree completion rate is excellent—95% of entering students continue to the second year. William and Mary has long-standing articulation agreements with the Virginia Community College System providing transfer students the continuation of their undergraduate degrees.

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