Request For Proposals

The call for proposals cycle has closed for this fiscal year. Please submit questions, concerns, or requests for more information about grant opportunities to the Senior Director of Grants and Awards and 4-VA Campus Coordinator, Lujean Baab, at .

Collaborative Research Grant RFP

Collaborative research grants are intended to improve research competitiveness within the commonwealth and at Virginia Tech by providing funding for faculty to engage in pilot research that could be used as a springboard for subsequent, major federal grants. Priority focus areas for each year are identified in the call for proposals in spring semester. 

Collaborative Endeavors Grant RFP

A limited amount of 4-VA funds at Virginia Tech are available to support special projects and efforts to explore feasibility of future projects in collaborative research and course design.  These smaller awards are intended to promote and support faculty activity around state-wide initiatives and Virginia Tech’s priority focus areas. Collaborative Endeavors grants are not awarded for full-research projects, course/program redesign, or development projects  but can provide valuable contributions or result in proposals for funding in either of these categories. Funding amounts vary according to the proposed project needs but are usually funded up to $5,000.

Course Redesign Grant RFP

Course Redesign grants support the redesign of courses, or specific course elements, in STEM subjects and other areas supporting the initiatives and priorities of 4-VA and the Commonwealth. Funding can be provided at the program level or for groups of courses that have a specific goal or goal(s) in common (e.g., four courses to create a certificate orcourses needed to complete fully online program development). Funding can also be provided for individual courses if there is clear alignment with the priorities indicated in the RFP.