4-VA at ODU

ODU joined 4-VA in December, 2014 and is committed to providing resources to support 4-VA’s efforts in a variety of areas. 4-VA at ODU is interested in providing remote expertise in their graduate nursing program, The Virginia Consortium, Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures, and foreign languages. They are also interested in sharing resources from their Center for Learning and Teaching and a summer institute web conference.

In the spring of 2016, ODU joined JMU in a technical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) shared course. The following fall ODU joined the applications UAV course through telepresence with GMU and JMU.

Course redesign through distance learning will be supported through telepresence with WebEx and Adobe Connect. ODU has eight design teams building online programs that can also be used to support this initiative. 4-VA at ODU plans to contribute to collaborative efforts by providing telepresence system recovery support—a joint test environment for new telepresence systems—and the scheduling system, as well as provide support for bandwidth constraints and operating systems.

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