Collaborative Research Grant RFP

To strengthen Virginia’s competitive edge, 4-VA provides small-scale grants to pilot research teams collaborating across 4-VA universities. With access to this funding, teams can build evidence to show that their projects will make valuable, impactful contributions to their fields, thereby increasing their chances of winning larger external grants. The collaborative nature of these grants maximizes university resources at the 4-VA institutions and leverages faculty expertise all while increasing competitiveness and capacity.

Shared Courses

4-VA at UVA offers faculty members the ability to connect with other 4-VA institutions to deliver or receive courses in a state-of-the-art telepresence classroom. Using remote access technologies, shared courses allow faculty to teach these courses to students in several different locations at once. By maximizing shared resources, course sharing provides students with greater access to the courses they need without spending extra time or money. UVA faculty members who are interested in sharing a course, or who have been contacted about receiving a shared course, should contact Matt Banfield, 4-VA at UVA Deputy Campus Coordinator, for more information and to make arrangements.