4-VA at VT

The operation of 4-VA at VT is managed by IT in coordination with the provost’s office and academic units through the Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS). Funding for 4-VA grants at VT is intended to support activities that further the goals of both VT and 4-VA through four activities: course sharing, collaborative research grants for researchers working with a 4-VA grantee at a partner institution, course redesign grants, and collaborative endeavors between 4-VA institutions.

VT Contacts

(540) 231-5004
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Lujean Baab

Lujean Baab

VT Campus Coordinator

Collaborative Research


Collaborative research projects


Amount awarded

(540) 231-2309
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Judy Alford

Judy Alford

VT Deputy Campus Coordinator

Course Sharing


Courses shared with 4-VA partners

Course Redesign


Course redesign projects

2017 Shared Courses

  • Data Management Skills (GRAD 5024) with JMU
    Interdisciplinary graduate course to help graduate students develop proficiency in data management, critical thinking, and its relationship to scholarly communication
    Andi Ogier – University Libraries
  • Global Conflict and War (POSC 3134) with JMU
    Undergraduate course that focuses on the causes, legal, and moral constraints, impacts, and consequences of conflict and war
    Chris Price – Political Science
  • Hebrew I (HEB 1104) with GMU
    Ester Hallerman – Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Hebrew II
    Ester Hallerman – Foreign Languages and Literatures



Virginia Tech is in the initial stage of a campus-wide adaptive learning initiative in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. Named for the late Nobel and Turing Award laureate and CMU Professor Herbert A. Simon, the Simon Initiative harnesses a cross-disciplinary learning engineering ecosystem that has developed over several decades at Carnegie Mellon. The initiative’s goal is to measurably improve student learning outcomes.

External Grants

Since 2013, 4-VA at VT has awarded $691,799 to 53 projects whose grant recipients have obtained 152 external grants, totaling about $19.5 million.




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