Working Group

Campus coordinators and deputy campus coordinators meet monthly via telepresence to discuss, plan, and share 4-VA activities. The events and grant opportunities at any particular 4-VA university are determined by the campus coordinator. Potential collaborations and new partnerships are discussed among working group members. Additionally, the working group—in partnership with the executive office—coordinates and hosts conferences for the 4-VA community.

(540) 568-2701
Email Keith

Keith Holland

JMU Campus Coordinator

(540) 568-7170
Email Karris

Karris Atkins

JMU Deputy Campus Coordinator

(703) 993-8891
Email Janette

Janette Kenner Muir

GMU Campus Coordinator

(703) 993-8722
Email Marcy

Marcy R. L. Glover

GMU Deputy Campus Coordinator

Elizabeth Gillooly

GMU Faculty and Community
Outreach Coordinator

(757) 683-3726
Email Andy

Andy Casiello

ODU Campus Coordinator

(757) 683-4232
Email Dean

Dean Claud

ODU Deputy Campus Coordinator

(757) 683-7136
Email Mitsue

Mitsue Shiokawa

ODU Grants Manager

(434) 924-3728
Email Matt

Matt Banfield

UVA Campus Coordinator

(804) 828-0712
Email John

Dr. John Ryan

VCU Campus Coordinator

(540) 464-7254
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Marthe Honts

VMI Campus Coordinator

(540) 231-5004
Email Lujean

Lujean Baab
Lujean Baab

VT Campus Coordinator

(540) 231-2309
Email Judy

Judy Alford
Judy Alford

VT Deputy Campus Coordinator

(757) 221-2407
Email Margaret

Margaret Saha

WM Campus Coordinator