4-VA’s collaborative research increases Virginia’s research competitiveness for external funding

4-VA collaborative research grants encourage and strengthen research partnerships across Virginia’s institutions, enabling faculty teams to test ideas in pursuit of subsequent external funding opportunities.

4-VA collaborative research grants support partnerships between faculty and students in collaborating 4-VA institutions by providing seed funding to launch pilot projects leveraging the strengths of each institution.  This serves to reduce the redundancies created when institutions work independently, often operating in silos.  Funded research activities can provide opportunities for students to engage in research and mentorship across collaborating institutions.  The novel research projects supported by the 4-VA Collaborative Research Grants program enable research teams to test ideas in pursuit of subsequent external funding opportunities and are often a springboard to funding from prominent external sources such as the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Institutes of Health Virginia’s institutions.


  • Continue to support the collaborative research grants initiative by investing in new opportunities for expanded collaboration and efficiency.
  • Facilitate opportunities for student involvement in collaborative research and mentorship.
  • Broadly share the impact and successes of projects funded through collaborative research grants.

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