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Course Redesign Grant RFP

4-VA Course Redesign Grants at VT are intended to provide funding for the redesign or development of courses for online and flexible learning and can be provided at the program level or for groups of courses that have a specific goal or goal(s) in common (e.g., four courses to create a certificate or courses needed to complete fully online program development). Funding can also be provided for individual courses if there is clear alignment with university priorities outlined such as:

  • Offering high-quality flexible and online learning opportunities that facilitate time to degree, especially for undergraduates who are engaging in experiential learning opportunities off campus
  • Increasing access and student success through technology-enhanced learning (e.g. supporting active and engaged learning; providing greater flexibility in course offering modality to meet student needs; or addressing lab and classroom space constraints)
  • Revising currently offered flexible and online courses to address accessibility issues or to address Universal Design for Learning (UDL), particularly for large or diverse student populations
  • Addressing mutual goals with the Commonwealth of Virginia as it relates to accessible educational pathways, especially to careers in high-needs areas (e.g., teacher education, STEM fields, or health sciences).

Grants are funded at up to $8,000 per course for courses that have passed university governance approval.  

Program-level projects can be completed in phases over multiple semesters involving groups of faculty to be named at the start of each phase. Program-level funding can also be considered for additional expenses if justified in the proposal submission. Any graduate assistant position included in the request for funding must be an existing position for which funds are applied to salary. Funding cannot be applied to graduate student tuition.

2022-2023 Timeline

Call open: Aug. 10
Information Sessions: Aug. 24, 25, 29 and 30 at 7:00 p.m. (register here)
Proposals due: Sept. 14
Notification: Beginning Oct. 7

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Submit a proposal for the 2022-2023 RFP cycle open Aug. 10, 2022.