Collaborative Research Grant RFP

The purpose for awarding 4-VA grants is to support faculty efforts that contribute to 4-VA initiatives related to research and instruction. Specific goals involve –

  1. Encouraging collaboration among faculty in developing research capacity and partnerships
  2. Developing shared courses
  3. Redesigning existing courses

Other proposals that demonstrate innovative approaches relevant to the 4-VA project will also be considered.

Potential outcomes include the following:

  • Collaborative research projects
  • Shared courses
  • Redesigned courses

Aims of 4-VA Collaborative Research Grants

The aim of 4-VA at JMU collaborative research grants is to invest in innovative ideas that not only impact JMU’s campus but that have the potential for future funding and collaborations beyond its campus. The program aims to combine the interests and expertise of faculty from multiple 4-VA institutions to increase their research competitiveness and capacity. Potential outcomes include

  • Original research
  • Creating new partnerships
  • Events/conferences that bring together researchers on common subjects
  • Future funding and competitive research

Funding Information

4-VA at JMU plans to award funds totaling $150,000 each fiscal year. These funds will be awarded in the form of mini-grants which will range from $1,000-$5,000, or scale-up grants which will go up to $20,000. In order to be considered for a scale-up grant, faculty must have either previously received a mini-grant from 4-VA or shown evidence of their capacity to take existing research to the next level.

Complementary Funds

Complementary funds can be requested (up to $5,000) from the other 4-VA institutions as long as a collaborator is located there. If you are interested in requesting complementary funds and have questions, please contact the 4-VA assistant director at or (540) 568-7170.

  • Grants must not be dependent on the complementary funds to be approved as they are not guaranteed.
  • Complementary funds can only be used for expenses at the requesting institution. For example, if you request complementary funds from Virginia Tech, those funds must pay for activities at Virginia Tech.
  • Complementary funds are requested by designating as such on the submission form. Please make sure the submitted budget has two different tracks, one that shows the hosted funds and one that shows the complementary funds.

 Funding Priorities

4-VA at JMU encourages projects to focus on funding priorities of the program but it is not required. Funding priorities include

  • Incorporating undergraduate and graduate student researchers into the project
  • Creating and/or strengthening partnerships across the commonwealth
  • Projects that show a strong plan of future funding from other resources

Screening Criteria

  1. Grants are open to JMU faculty. Faculty may name staff as Co-PIs.
  2. The applicant must obtain departmental chair support especially when departmental resources are utilized.
  3. Projects must contain an aspect of collaboration.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Alignment of proposal to 4-VA funding priorities
  2. Alignment of proposal to 4-VA screening criteria
  3. Strength and evidence of collaboration with 4-VA institutions or other partners in the commonwealth
  4. Potential for strategic impact
  5. Innovation in research
  6. Sustainability
  7. Alignment with institutional goals

Proposal Format

Proposals should be double-spaced, 12-point, Arial font, PDF file (saved, not scanned) and include the following:

  1. Project Summary (1-2 pages)
    1. Title
    2. Director (PI)
    3. Partners/Collaborators (if known, or partner institutions if not known)
    4. Type of Grant. What initiative(s) are being addressed
  2. Narrative (1-3 pages)
    1. Project activity summary
    2. Research questions
    3. Research plan (framework/methods/phases/specific approach)
    4. Assessment plan
    5. Outcomes and deliverables
  3. Timeline
  4. Budget
  5. Proposals that involve JMU departmental resources or release time will require approval from the appropriate academic unit head.

Submission Deadlines

Grant applications are accepted at any time. Specific deadline dates will be announced for each funding cycle subject to available funds. Funding decisions and an award ceremony will be scheduled twice a year in the fall and the spring. Please complete and upload your PDF proposal into this form.

Submit questions to the 4-VA at JMU director at Only grants submitted through the procedure listed above will be considered for funding.


  1. Grantees are required to complete a 4-VA assessment survey twice a year for funded projects.
  2. Upon completion of an awarded 4-VA grant, unused 4-VA grant funds may be requested for use in other teaching or research activities based on two conditions:
    1. First, the request must be made within one year of the completion of the grant.
    2. Second, the original grant must have been completed in good standing.
  3. Faculty are expected to acknowledge 4-VA support as a part of publications using one of the following:
    1. This research was funded by 4-VA, a collaborative partnership for advancing the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    2. This research was funded in part by 4-VA, a collaborative partnership for advancing the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  4. Additional expectations regarding expenditure processes and policies will be provided upon award.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Federal, state, and university policies, procedures and rules apply to all awarded grants. For further information regarding these rules, please contact Procurement, the Financial Procedures Manual, and Accounts Payable. If you believe your project will result in patentable work, you should discuss requirements and policies with Director of the Office of Technology Transfer, Mary Lou Bourne (, MSC 4904.

A number of ethical practice review protocols are required for some research activities. If you have questions about the requirements that may apply to your project, contact JMU’s IRB Compliance Officer, Carolyn Strong at or 8-6872.

If you have questions or would like more information or clarification on this RFP or 4-VA initiatives, please contact the 4-VA campus director at or (540) 568-6093.

If you have questions or would like more information or clarification on this RFP or 4-VA initiatives, please contact the 4-VA campus director at or (540) 568-6093