A New Model for Teaching Communication Skills

Mason’s COMM 100 and 101 courses were facing myriad critical dilemmas: the enrollment was topping a record 4,000+ students, there was an ever-changing and often novice set of 50-60 of instructors, and campus construction was impacting classroom availability. There was a need to ensure teaching quality and consistency and no data as to best delivery practices for the course.

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Dr. Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post
Basic Communication Course Director
Associate Professor of Communication
Senior Scholar in the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

Grant Info

  • 2018 – 4-VA awarded GMU $20,000 for A New Model for Teaching Communication Skills .


  • Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Eastern Communication Association Conference


  • Communication Education
  • Basic Communication Course Annual

The bottom line of this effort is that we’ve produced a course pathway that provides the best possible outcomes for our undergraduate students, while supporting our instructors with a rich resource of teaching tools and techniques. What’s more, we’ve streamlined the course and saved some money, which we then were able to use to create our first-of-its-kind on-campus Communication Center. We are very proud that we were able to deliver this terrific outcome for all Mason students—thanks to our 4-VA grant!

Benefits to the Commonwealth

Developed successful new model for teaching and learning

Created new Communication Center for broader educational impact

Student Impact

Provided online media-rich class introduction

Ensured high quality educational environment

Provided individualized student coaching to get feedback on various media

Student Researchers

  • Katherine Hyatt Hawkins
  • Andie Malterud
  • Anthony Arciero
  • Briana Stewart

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