Revealing the current relation between stream acidification and fish species richness: What is the trend after almost two decades of recovery?

Partnering with the Shenandoah Watershed Study & Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study (SWAS-VTSSS) was an ideal opportunity for JMU to collaborate on a local and high-profile research endeavor with UVA at Shenandoah National Park. Interactions between these researchers began at the Mountain Stream Symposium, sponsored by 4-VA and hosted at JMU in 2013.

Christine May
Associate Professor of Biology

Todd Scanlon
Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

Ami Riscassi
Projects Coordinator, Shenandoah Watershed Study & Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study, Department of Environmental Sciences

Project Summary

A new collaboration between UVA’s long-term water quality monitoring program and JMU’s Department of Biology is being proposed, with the initial research effort assessing current status and trends in the biological health of watersheds in Shenandoah National Park. This information will aid decision makers at the local, state and federal level by providing valuable insight into the recovery trends of highly valued aquatic resources that have been impaired by acid rain.

$4,900 in 2015