4-VA welcomes proposals for participation from additional institutions. Any not-for-profit institution of higher education in Virginia is eligible to become a formal participant in 4-VA. With a variety of membership and participation options, collaboration across the Commonwealth of Virginia is encouraged and supported.

In many cases 4-VA uses an advanced videoconferencing network to engage in various projects, programs, and events. Having access to this type of technology is important for institutions seeking to participate in 4-VA’s collaborative discussions.

Informal Participation

4-VA hosts or co-hosts faculty development events and other conferences throughout the year. Resources created with 4-VA funding can be shared with interested faculty at any university or college in Virginia. Most often, participation in these events and access to these materials are open to institutions and/or faculty from Virginia institutions and beyond. Individual faculty or institutions can participate at this informal level without any prearrangement or ongoing commitment.

4-VA Participant Institutions

At this level, your non-profit institution should expect to do the following:

  • Accept shared courses originated from other 4-VA institutions, allowing your students access to areas of study not offered at your institution
  • Participate in research mini-grants, stimulating new research collaborations between faculty at 4-VA participant institutions
  • Take part in various pilot activities and grant proposals, expanding the impact of 4-VA
  • Build organizational and technical capabilities in preparation for a higher level of 4-VA participation
  • Assess readiness and fit for your institution in 4-VA

4-VA Member Institutions

At this level, your non-profit institution should expect to do the following:

  • Participate in overall governance of the 4-VA collaborative
  • Participate in development of collaborative-wide technical and organizational infrastructure in support of 4-VA goals

Contact us to engage with 4-VA

Of course, we hope and anticipate that new 4-VA participant and member institutions will
have great ideas of their own that will add value to 4-VA. We look forward to your ideas!

For more information about participation in 4-VA at any of these levels, please contact us.