The Simon Initiative

Data-Informed Teaching and Learning

4-VA Collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University – The Simon Initiative

The Simon Initiative (SI) harnesses a cross-disciplinary, learning-engineering ecosystem that has developed over several decades at Carnegie Mellon University with the goal of measurably improving student learning outcomes. 4-VA engagement with Simon Initiatives related to data-informed teaching and learning will be different with each 4-VA institution, however general plans are as follows:

4-VA Collaboration with The Simon Initiative
Phase One – Increase Awareness
  • Telepresence meeting with campus stakeholders – Instructional designers/teaching and learning centers
    • Goal – General information about the initiative and the various tools available for consideration
  • Introduce SI information at Gen Ed Summit
    • Goal – Introduce tools, plant seeds for future conversation, consider potential common courses
  • Options for deeper conversation:
    • Webinar
    • Bring key speakers to Virginia
    • Sponsor participation in a summer program at CMU
  • Materials needed for further discussion
    • PowerPoint deck on key initiatives
    • Need full list of applications that could be considered
Phase Two – Increase Engagement
  • Campus initiatives to continue increasing awareness
  • Create RFP for faculty campus project integrating one of the initiatives
  • Implement campus initiative/assessment
  • Faculty development plan for project development
  • Plan for collaboration across institutions
    • Spring preparation for fall 2019 launch of campus project
    • Develop assessment plan for project evaluation
    • Focused research on cross-institution initiative
Phase Three – Program Development
  • Implementation of campus initiative (fall semester)
  • Create RFP focused on one/two projects (courses?) across institutions
  • Faculty development for selected projects
  • Assess fall campus project, adjust for future semesters
  • Dissemination of related research
Phase Four – Statewide Shared Initiative(s)
  • Launch of projects/course(s) across institutions
  • Assess/report results
  • Consider next steps/iterations of project

Open Educational Resources (coming soon)

General Education Summit (coming soon)